The Regional Medical Humanities network seeks to bring together people researching and working in and about the medical humanities (broadly defined) in the South West and Wales. The goal is to create a forum and route to interdisciplinary collaborations in the area, including – but not limited to – those working in the arts, healthcare and academia. Despite our name, we are not limited to the ‘humanities’ and welcome those working in a wide range of academic fields, with members from arts, social sciences, languages and more!

The network has had three networking events since its launch in 2014.  The first was funded by the Wellcome Trust and held at the University of Bristol. The second and third events were co-funded by the Centre for Health, Humanities & Science (University of Bristol) and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures & Environments of Health (University of Exeter) and held in Bristol and Exeter. In 2019-20 we also ran a regional medical humanities training scheme in collaboration with the ‘medical humanities’ research strand at the University of Bristol. Lots of new networks and projects have emerged from these meetings, and we look forward to hosting more soon!

Until circumstances permit, we are maintaining an online presence. Please sign up to the mailing list to receive (infrequent) emails with upcoming events and new. If you would like more immediate / regular news, then please follow us on the blog or Twitter.

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Bringing together medical humanities research in the South West and Wales